Meet the Team

The Program & Operations Board (“the Board”) consists of a talented team of industry leaders that work towards making the Net Impact NYC Professional Chapter a success.  The Board meets bi-monthly to discuss chapter ideas, events, books, volunteering programs and other information that we disseminate to our constantly growing member base. In addition, the Board selects authors and thought leaders to develop educational workshops and roundtables for our members to attend.

All general inquires should be sent to

2010 Program & Operations Board

  • President and CCO (Chief Cultural Officer) = LaTeisha Moore
  • Vice President = Tim Woodall
  • CFO = Jonathan Greenberg
  • Membership Cultivator = Sam Kressler
  • Communications Posse = Daniel Husserl, Nadia Orawski, Dana Skallman
  • Impact Sessions Curator = Mateo Bueno
  • Service Corps Managers = Renee Baiorunos (NY) and Mia Yee (NJ)
  • Panel Programming Expert = Elizabeth Gould
  • Programs and Events Support Team = Vijay Jesrani, Sonalee Majumdar, Seth Nemeroff, Danielle Ravich

We’re currently looking for (Social) Media Maven(s), web-savvy support, and individuals interested in supporting our Small Dinner Discussions Series and Impact Sessions.  Contact for more info.


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